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Established · 1952 ·





Rooftop Pool Renovation

After 50 years of hosting our guests' memories and time-honored traditions, Little America’s iconic indoor/outdoor swimming pool is getting the upgrade the beloved landmark deserves. To make these improvements, the 2nd floor indoor/outdoor pool will be closed from March 25, 2024 - August 2024.

Slated for completion in August 2024, the all-new rooftop pool will carefully preserve the experience our community knows and loves while offering improved features that promise to take care of the next generations of loyal Little America guests.

What is Changing?

  • Increased Accessibility. As part of the re-designed layout, gradual, step-down access to the pool’s shallow ends will be doubled, providing a smoother entrance and exit of the pool. An additional doorway between the indoor and outdoor pool decks will make movement between each side more convenient. 
  • Improved Efficiency. Installing an all-new pool from top to bottom allows us to bring the well-loved experience into the 21st century while improving the pool’s overall energy efficiency. 
  • Preserving the Experience. A home in the heart of Salt Lake City for generations, honoring the legacy of Little America by carefully preserving the experience guests have come to rely on is of the utmost importance. This renovated structure is likewise specifically designed to replicate the unique poolside experience our guests have loved since 1977. 


In the Meantime, Enjoy Our Heated Outdoor Pool!

Summertime swimming is here to stay! With a spacious pool deck and poolside dining available during the summer season, our Outdoor Pool, warmed at 85+ degrees, is adjacent to our Lobby entrance and will remain open throughout the renovation of the 2nd-floor pool. The outdoor pool temperature will be adjusted to ensure optimal comfort for guests during the summer months, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

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