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Established · 1952 ·





Lucky H Buffet is not easily classified. It’s truly one-of-a-kind. But to know it is to love it for the things that make it unique. Like the way the finery of its dining rooms pairs seamlessly with its comfortable and easy-going nature. It offers the value of buffet-style dining, but alongside the quality of other upscale downtown restaurants. It feels both familiar and unlike anywhere else. Lucky H, simply said, is an outlier. A step outside of any standard expectations. 

Not Your Grandparents’ Buffet 

There is no other place like it in Salt Lake City. With its upscale ambiance and gourmet selection of dishes each day, an experience at Lucky H is totally removed from the “load-up-your-plate” buffet that dominates the American imagination. Centrally located in the heart of downtown, Lucky H is the perfect place to celebrate. Whether everyday gatherings, weekly date nights, or big birthdays, everyone can curate their ideal plate.  

A Chef’s Curation

Forget the microwave scrambled eggs of your local discount buffet. At Lucky H, each dish on the buffet line has been prepared fresh in house by our world-class culinary team. From the freshly baked dinner rolls to the selection of premium meats hand-carved at every meal service, the selection of the buffet at Lucky H is thoughtfully designed and curated by our Executive Chef Santiago Ramos. Best of all, many of our ingredients are locally sourced, including our carved meats from Wasatch Meats. 

Picky Eaters Welcome 

At Lucky H, you don’t have to commit to one single dish. You can sample a little bit of everything or you can go back for more when you find that perfect bite you really love. This ability to pick and choose–or to just be picky–is especially beneficial when dining out with kids. From the salad bar to the carving station to the decadent dessert table (including house-made donuts!), everyone is sure to find their perfect bite. 

When taking the whole family out to eat, you sometimes have to sacrifice ambiance. But at Lucky H Buffet, the warm and inviting upscale atmosphere makes each meal feel special. So everyone can get a plate full of favorites, while still enjoying high class ambiance. 

Your Perfect Plate

From quality to selection to unmatched flavors, there are many benefits to dining at Lucky H Buffet. When you dine with us, you can expect to get exactly what you want. The right side dishes, the perfect main, everything you pick out is personal to your preferences. In fact, personalization translates across the entire experience at Lucky H. The service itself is personal–from the first greeting to the final farewell. Much of our staff have been serving in our dining room for multiple decades, so you’re sure to see a familiar face and receive a warm welcome back with each return.