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An Insider’s Guide to Salt Lake City’s Favorite Downtown Hotel

Perhaps you’re planning to visit Salt Lake City for the very first time. Or maybe you’ve just moved into town and are looking to get in touch with the local scene. For those that are new here, let us introduce you Little America Hotel. For generations, Little America has been a home away from home both for travelers and Salt Lake City locals. Family owned and operated, our hotel blends personal service with one-of-a-kind boutique hotel amenities. These unique characteristics make each visit feel new and special. So, if you’ve yet to enjoy your first Little experience, or if you’re a fan who is looking for a refresher, keep reading as we present our insider’s guide to all things Little America. 

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Lucky H: Salt Lake City’s Only Upscale Buffet

Lucky H Buffet is not easily classified. It’s truly one-of-a-kind. But to know it is to love it for the things that make it unique. Like the way the finery of its dining rooms pairs seamlessly with its comfortable and easy-going nature. It offers the value of buffet-style dining, but alongside the quality of other upscale downtown restaurants. It feels both familiar and unlike anywhere else. Lucky H, simply said, is an outlier. A step outside of any standard expectations. 

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Faces of Little America: Jeanne Anderson

Waiting tables at The Coffee Shop was a trial-by-fire for Jeanne Anderson. When she joined the team nearly 33 years ago, regulars would crowd the counters, sometimes choosing to stand when tables weren’t immediately available. Across from the bustling counter service, Jeanne remembers the long row of two-seater booths that the staff referred to as “the racetrack.” As she recalls, “If you got assigned to the racetrack you knew you’d be running up and down, up and down all morning.”

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Faces of Little America: Chef Santiago Ramos

Little America's Executive Chef Santiago Ramos grew up cooking with his mom. He watched carefully as she prepared each meal with natural improvisation. There was something special in the unique way she added pinches and dashes to a dish, following an unwritten recipe she knew by heart. Now, overseeing kitchen teams for all of Little America's dining and catering, Chef Ramos leans on his influences to preserve the treasured, made-from-scratch recipes guests and locals have come to rely on.

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