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Established · 1952 ·





A good travel itinerary goes beyond the destination. When you get to where you’re going, it’s important to find accommodations that suit your vacation’s unique needs—from spaciousness and location to style and ambiance. 

Little America Hotel offers one-of-a-kind hospitality in the heart of Salt Lake City. Known for unbeatably warm and friendly service, Little America is also arguably the most versatile hotel city-wide. With three different lodging options available, every travel itinerary can find its perfect fit, matching every size of group, length of stay, and style of experience. 


Heights of Luxury: Tower Guest Rooms


The Little America Tower has been an iconic feature in the Salt Lake City skyline since it was built up from the existing hotel structures in 1977. Boasting 600 square feet, the Tower guest rooms offer the most spacious rooms downtown, with floor-to-ceiling windows that provide unmatched views of the Wasatch Mountains and the surrounding skyline. 

Recently renovated to provide modern comforts, these guest rooms still feature the signature elegance Little America is known for, including imported wool carpets and French Richelieu furnishings.  With the Lobby located on its ground floor, guests who stay in the Tower are also given immediate access to the Shops at Little America and the hotel’s two locally-loved restaurants, Lucky H Buffet and The Coffee Shop


For Romantic Getaways. Treat your partner to an unforgettable getaway. Watch the sunset over the city from a step-out balcony. Enjoy in-room dining in your room’s separate seating area. Dine out at Lucky H without having to leave the comfort of the hotel’s main building. 

For the Business Traveler. Relax after a long day of meetings in the most spacious rooms in the hotel. Need a space to meet after the meetings? Head downstairs to Lucky H Bar to catch all-American comfort foods or a selection of brews on tap. Convenient and comfortable, our Tower guest rooms make business travel a breeze. 


Quiet Comforts: Garden Guest Rooms

LA SLC Garden Premiere Double Queen Room

The Garden Guest rooms are lodge-style accommodations at the base of the Little America Tower. Shaded by the property’s acres of garden greenery, these guest rooms offer a more secluded experience. Away from the bustle of the hotel lobby, shops, and dining, Garden and Garden Premium rooms range from 400-500 square feet and feature views of the property’s lush landscape. In the Garden rooms, guests can enjoy the convenience of staying in the heart of the city while feeling miles away.  

For the Whole Family. Take the stress out of family vacations. With space for everyone to stay comfortably, dining on-site, and an outdoor swimming pool within steps, you can focus on enjoying quality time spent all together. 

For the Summer Escapes. When the sun is shining and the gardens are in full bloom, Garden accommodations allow you to experience the delight of summer stays at Little America. No other downtown hotel boasts 10 acres of private grounds, and the Garden guest rooms allow you to feel the sweet seclusion these grounds provide, so you can experience the city without sacrificing serenity. 


Quality Convenience: Courtside Guest Rooms

The exterior of the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City

When Little America first opened its doors in 1952, the Courtside Room model was the blueprint for providing a convenient and comfortable place for travelers moving through Northern Utah. Still welcoming travelers today, the Courtside guest rooms combine motel-style accommodations with the uncompromising quality Little America brings to all of its offerings. 


For the Roadtripper. When the most important thing is a comfortable place to rest on your way between here and there, the Courtside Rooms are easily accessible, spacious, and offer access to the rest of Little America’s luxury on-site amenities. 

For the City Explorer. If you’re a vacationer on the go, the Courtside Rooms are a clean and comfortable place to lay your head after a day of exploration. Connection is key for the Courtside accommodations. With an outside entrance and exit and open-air parking available right next to your room, you can get up and on your way without having to delay. 


True-hearted Hospitality for Every Stay

From the heights of the Tower to the serenity of the Garden, no matter which room type suits your stay, every Little getaway comes with the same warm and welcoming service that has made our hotel a staple in the Salt Lake City community for over 70 years. 

From made-from-scratch dining options available on-site to a wide variety of accommodations that make every day away from home begin and end with comfort, Little America brings a totally unique, one-property-fits-all approach to planning a stay a downtown Salt Lake City.