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Established · 1952 ·





Perhaps you’re planning to visit Salt Lake City for the very first time. Or maybe you’ve just moved into town and are looking to get in touch with the local scene. For those that are new here, let us introduce you to Little America Hotel. For generations, Little America has been a home away from home both for travelers and Salt Lake City locals. Family owned and operated, our hotel blends personal service with one-of-a-kind boutique hotel amenities. These unique characteristics make each visit feel new and special. So, if you’ve yet to enjoy your first Little experience, or if you’re a fan who is looking for a refresher, keep reading as we present our insider’s guide to all things Little America. 


The Penguin  

When you take a stroll through our gift shop, The Newsstand, you’ll start to see souvenirs bearing the friendly face of an emblematic cartoon penguin. His soft smile and small wave are the unmistakable symbolic welcome mat for all of the four Little America hotels across the West. But how did we come to adopt this flightless bird as our mascot? It all started with the very first Little America. A refuge for travelers on a long stretch of open road in western Wyoming, the original hotel was named for its similarities to the basecamp in Antarctica, namely, for its ability to offer the comforts of home among an unpredictable landscape. And so, the penguin became our symbol, as an homage to our South Pole roots. 


Bread Rolls

Soft and pillowy, and always prepared fresh, this Little America tradition—and trade secret—ensures that every meal at Little begins with a comforting bang. Fun fact: this recipe has remained virtually the same for decades. They’re even prepared using decades-old, tried and true equipment. In fact, when brand new dough mixers were recently brought into the kitchen, they didn’t last long before the original mixers were subbed back in, as the rolls made with the newer tech “just weren’t the same.” The bottom line? We take our traditions seriously. 



Best Bathrooms

Whether a guest at the hotel or just coming for lunch, no stay is complete without a Little bathroom break. Unlike the usual trip to a public potty, Little America’s bathrooms are known across the country for their high class. Featuring imported marble and hand-selected wallpaper, each private stall has its own dainty chandelier. Little America’s powder rooms are so nice, they landed on the longlist for Cintas’ Best Restroom competition. 


Bread Pudding

Much like our well-loved rolls, Little America Bread Pudding is legendary among local Salt Lakers. Unlike our rolls, this tried-and-true recipe has been shared with the world—so you can bring home a warm and buttery piece of our Little traditions. 



Don’t worry, the chandeliers aren’t exclusive to the bathrooms. Beautiful crystal glitter throughout the hotel, where each of our chandeliers is custom-fit to showcase each unique space. 


The Coffee Shop Daily Specials

With a history as rich as the hotel itself, The Coffee Shop has been serving up favorites to generations of Little America fans. From sports stars to politicians, folks from all walks of life have found themselves in these booths. While the menu has mostly remained the same (due largely to some serious public demand), weekly specials bring an added bonus to the usual line up of hardcore favorites. Some of the weekly specials have even become hardcore favorites themselves. Friday nights, for example, are known across the state of Utah for the Baked Halibut special. 



Double the pools, double the fun. Not only is Little America home to a classic, seasonal outdoor pool, we also have Salt Lake City’s only combination indoor-outdoor swimming pool. Located on the second floor of the hotel, you can soak up the sun on the rooftop pool deck or take in the cityscape from behind the floor-to-ceiling glass. The very best part? Swimming back and forth underneath the “bridge” that splits down the middle the indoor and outdoor portions of the pool. 




It’s one of our favorite phrases, and for good reason. All of our food is freshly prepared in-house every day. Seasonal and fresh, and crafted by a team of chefs who are all leaders in their field, we firmly believe that when you try Little America’s made-from-scratch menus, you will taste the delicious difference. 



Whether you already know and love all the special elements that make Little America unique, or if you’ve yet to experience the magic for yourself, we invite you to come and discover a Little More. A warm welcome, or welcome back, is always waiting for you at Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City.