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Established · 1952 ·





Nestled on 10 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, featuring flowerbeds, water fountains, and plenty of secluded spots for taking in the fresh air and eye-catching greenery, when you spend time at Little America, you can locate yourself in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City while also enjoying the reprieve of a natural escape. As a nod to our carefully-kept grounds, and in honor of Earth Day, we’re highlighting five of the best natural settings guests can enjoy at Little America. 


1. Soak Up Some Sunshine

At Little America, we take our summer sun intake very seriously. That’s why we provide not just one, but two different poolsides to enjoy. For the classic open air experience, guests can lounge around our large outdoor pool located in the center of our grounds. Surrounded by the green gardens and seasonal flower beds, this pool is perfect for soaking up the sun among the manicured foliage. Our second pool offers a little bit of both worlds. An iconic one-of-a-kind pool–Salt Lake City’s only indoor/outdoor swimming pool–this pool allows you to swim back and forth between the cool indoors and the sunny rooftop deck. So you can take in the great outdoors while also experiencing a hint of the surrounding cityscape.


2. Dine Al Fresco 

As the weather starts to warm up, Little America’s well-loved restaurant, The Coffee Shop’s, popular patio opens for the season. A family favorite of locals and travelers alike, The Coffee Shop’s menu of classic American dishes is best enjoyed with a side of fresh air.


3. Take in Surrounding Mountain Views 

At any time of year, Salt Lake City is a perfect place to celebrate the beauty of the natural world and the importance of preserving it. Whether framed by the floor-to-ceiling windows in the Tower rooms or seen from the balconies of the Garden rooms, Little America gives our guests a front row seat to the surrounding Wasatch Mountains.


4. Stroll through the Gardens 

With a team of dedicated groundskeepers working around the clock to maintain and magnify the beauty of our garden greenery, one of the greatest benefits of staying at Little is taking a morning or sunset stroll through our lush grounds. With tulip blooms in the spring or strings of twinkling winter lights, the natural beauty of the landscape is always carefully highlighted.


5. Explore More with Ease

Only 20 minutes from the closest canyons, our guests have unfettered access to the best mountain recreation in Northern Utah. Whether skiing in the winter or hiking through fields of wildflowers in the summer, exploration is right outside your door. So come celebrate the abundance that Mother Nature has to offer. Whether in the reprieves of green our nature-focused property or with the connections offered the wonders of the great, open outdoors.





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