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As Salt Lake City continues to grow and evolve, new restaurants, shopping, breweries, coffee shops, music festivals, and more add even more color to this already vibrant city. 

Still, insiders know that, even with all these recent changes, Salt Lake City was never dull. Whether ski-tripping or summer sightseeing, a Utah getaway isn’t quite the same if you don’t stay in our beautiful and bustling capital city.


Take a Walk Around the Block: Seeing the City on Foot 

Our city blocks are well-known for being nearly double the standard size. And while it’s true that these famously wide roads do sometimes make things feel further away, Salt Lake City is a very walkable downtown. 

Plus, when you aren’t exploring on your own two feet, you might miss out on our colorful murals, unique historic architecture, and the shops and side streets that are easy to miss from the road. 

Located right on Main Street and directly across from Salt Lake’s public transportation light rail, called the TRAX, Little America Hotel allows you to stay within walking and light-railing distance from all the major hubs in and around our city. 

Exterior photo of the Little America Hotel main tower building with light right passing by

Forget the Sprawl: Embracing “Small” Lake City 

Maybe you’ve heard our downtown called by a slightly different name: Small Lake City. A nickname that was lovingly given to our cozy cityscape. 

And it’s true. Our downtown is compact. It’s not uncommon to bump into people you know in cozy coffee shops, favorite restaurants, or getting groceries. But when you embrace the “small,” you can discover the ease of getting around town in mere minutes. You don’t have to sit in hours of traffic or drive dozens of miles to get from one end of our city to the other. Everything you need to explore is right here.


Refuse to Choose: Where City and Mountains Meet

Unlike other cities with a close connection to the natural world, Salt Lake City is actually just a stone’s throw from world-class mountain recreation. 

When you stay downtown, you can enjoy all the benefits of being in and among a vibrant city while remaining only 30 minutes from the major canyons in the Wasatch Front, which connect to seven major ski resorts. 

Little America is located just 5 minutes from the major freeways that quickly whisk you away to the mountains. And, with diverse room types available and unmatched parking availability on the property, there’s plenty of room for your whole crew to stay and escape to the great outdoors. 

Family hiking in the summer at Snowbasin Mountain Resort in Ogden, Utah.

Set Your Sights: Views from Every Angle

To be fair, it’s hard to find a bad view in any part of Utah, but the views of the Wasatch Mountains and surrounding valley are hard to beat when you take them in from the center of Salt Lake. 

With floor-to-ceiling windows and select step-out balconies available in Little America’s Tower rooms and suites, you can set your sights on our unsurpassed views from sunrise to sunset. 

The Little Difference: A One-of-a-Kind Downtown Destination 

Connection and location are major reasons to stay downtown, but they aren’t everything. 

It’s the little things that matter the most when deciding where you’ll book your stay. From quality to comfort to warm and caring service, Little America Hotel is a one-of-a-kind hotel where all the little things are attended to, making it a reason on its own to stay in the heart of Salt Lake City. 

From the grand chandeliers that greet you in the lobby to the legendary menus served daily at our in-house restaurants, there’s nowhere else like Little America. Our guest rooms are among the largest in the city, and our service has been a staple in the Salt Lake community for generations.

We’re proud to be a large part of the fabric of this city. And proud to introduce you, or reconnect you, to all the things we know make Salt Lake a must-see city with each visit.