Little America Hotel - Salt Lake City

Sales Contacts

Our long-term, experienced Sales Managers are available to answer any questions you may have about your event at Little America. They'll also serve as your point of contact.

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Kara Swenson, CMP
Associate Director of Sales 801-258-6782
Jonathan Bakker
Sales Manager 801-258-6756
Laurie Cannon
Senior Sales Manager 801-258-6740
Elizabeth Barrett
Sales Manager 801-258-6759
Scott Farmery
National Sales Manager 571-551-2662
Matt Brucker
Sales Manager


Jackie Kocher
Small Group Market, 50 Rooms and Under (LA only) Entertainment, Social, and Government 801-258-6739
Blake Carling
Corporate Individual Business Travel 801-258-6720
Kristine Rhodes-George
Corporate Individual Business Travel 801-258-6738